Pilates with a Twist

This is a class containing a beautiful mix of movements, taken from a variety of disciplines, with the aim of gently re-awakening, mobilising and strengthening the whole body, from top to toe.  The focus is on waking-up each area of the body – in particular, liberating the hips, spine, shoulders neck and jaw, whilst also strengthening key weak areas such as the foot and the core stabilizers of the spine, hips and shoulders.

Each class is a fascinating experiential journey into how and why the body does what it does, with plenty of opportunities for laughter.  I use detailed and imaginative explanations of what the moves are and why we are doing them and I frequently offer suggestions for exercises that you can also do at home.  A large part of these classes is the encouragement to respect and listen to the wisdom of your own body, whilst being gently coaxed to push yourself that little bit further.

What to expect from a Pilates with a Twist class:

  • A friendly atmosphere with personal attention
  • A lovely sense of freedom of movement with a reduction in stiffness and pain
  • Increased muscle-tone, strength and balance
  • Relaxation, time for yourself and a greater understanding of your own body
  • An opportunity to tackle new challenges in a safe environment
  • A large repertoire of exercises with detailed and imaginative explanations

If you are looking for a renewed sense of wellbeing, would like your body to look and feel more balanced, strong and supple, are seeking a more gentle and thoughtful exercise class, need an opportunity to relax and have time for yourself, or want to better understand your body and it’s little ‘quirks’ then Pilates with a Twist is probably for you.


Class Times

Monday   2.00 – 3.00 p.m.

For more information contact:

Becky Britchford: 07970 022101

Email mailto:becky.britchford@hotmail.co.uk


 Woodlands 01332 299133