Mindfulness Courses


Making Sense of Mindfulness

This is a 2 hour, introductory  workshop where you will learn more about what Mindfulness is and what it isn’t. Mindfulness is increasingly talked about in the public arena often without clear descriptions of how it can be helpful. As well as hearing about how mindfulness came to be incorporated into healthcare services in the UK to help people with depression, stress and anxiety, you will experience a guided meditation practice. This workshop is a useful introduction before deciding whether or not you want to commit to a longer course such as the 8 week course (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy course) which is designed by experts to help people to stay well following episodes of depression and/or anxiety.

Course date: 8th Dec 2017
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Mindfulness Course (MBCT)

The course consists of 8 x 2 hour sessions, each with its own theme and guided mindfulness meditation practices. There is ample opportunity to discuss experiences of practice so whilst it is not a therapy group, the shared experience can lend to members being supportive of each other. There is an invitation to complete the home practice for 6 out of 7 days in the week following the session, but should a session be missed, then all materials will be provided with guidance from the teacher. The size of the group is purposely kept small (maximum of 10 participants) to ensure that there is sufficient time to work through the practices and the materials. In between sessions, participants are able to contact the teacher for any additional support.

Course starts 19th Jan 2018
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In an attempt to make the course as accessible as possible, the following fee structure is available. Costs are per person and inclusive of all materials needed:

Full price £190.00
Early Bird booking (available up to 10 days prior to commencing) £175.00
Bring-a Friend (for those who prefer a friend to join and support) £160.00
Low income (employed part-time and limited to 1 space) £150.00
Unemployed/full-time student (limited to 1 space) £125.00

Maintaining your Mindfulness practice

Coming soon – monthly sessions for people who have established their mindfulness practice either individually or through attending an 8 week MBCT/MBSR course, these sessions will offer an opportunity to share experiences and tips on how to continue and maintain practice.  There will be a guided mindfulness meditation incorporated.




Derby at the Woodlands Natural Health Centre

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