Usui Teate Reiki Training

Reiki was developed as a method for personal and spiritual development.  This system aims to honour the original Japanese teachings and offers simplicity, solid foundations and a complete tool for self-healing and personal development.  Practising Reiki can help you to come to know yourself, feel connected and live in alignment with life.

This system is taught in three levels.  Each level is designed to take you deeper into self mastery.  In addition, in the West , each level has also become associated with the following:
Shoden (level 1) enables you to give Reiki to self, family and friends.
Okuden (level 2) required to become a Reiki practitioner
Shinpiden (level 3) required to pass on the teachings to others.

Learning Reiki involves receiving Reiju or Empowerments (Attunements in the West).  I only do Reiju in person.  Once empowered, the ability to use Reiki will never leave you. All 3 levels include a full, comprehensive training manual, certificate, access to Reiki share group and Reki Practice Class and on-going support.  I teach privately, (1:1), and also in small groups.  Full information about Reiki tuition (including fees) can be found at

Choosing which Reiki System and Teacher

There are many different types of Reiki, but ultimately, it is the same Universal Life Energy that is being channeled. However, Reiki is potentially a life-changing path, so choose a system and teacher you resonate with.  More significantly, your teacher is the person that supports/guides you and it is important you can connect with and trust them. I welcome people to come and meet me first, have a chat and/or a Reiki session, before committing to a course.  As a teacher, my commitment to your development and learning is one that is life long or as long as you feel you need my support.

Shoden Level

This foundation level is taught over several classes, allowing plenty of time and space to practice and fully integrate the knowledge and the assimilate the energies.  The student learns about Reiki, its history and principles, the nature of the energy and how it is passed on.  The student also receives regular Reiju (attunements) which opens them to the flow of Reiki.   Shoden is practical, enabling the student to treat themselves, family and friends. It is also about learning to become ‘a clear channel’ for Reiki. It is about learning to ‘let go and let the energy flow.’  There are no requirements to join the course other than a desire to be connected to this natural healing energy.

Okuden Level

This intermediate level is an exploration of the hidden teachings.  It is taught over several classes, allowing plenty of time and space to practice and fully integrate the knowledge and the assimilate the energies.  This level is about deepening your understanding and practice of Reiki. Your understanding of Shoden teachings are reviewed. The Shirushi and Jumon (symbols and mantras) are introduced with the emphasis being on the mantras/healing sounds. Additional techniques are taught including distance healing, Byosen ho and Reiji ho. In addition to self-healing, case studies are required at this level. Okuden enables you to be a Reiki practitioner, so advice on record keeping, insurance etc are included.

Requirements for Okuden level: Completion and understanding of Shoden (Level 1).  Continued self-healing.  Case studies.

Shinpiden  – Level 3

Shinpiden is ultimately about you. Through your previous learnings, you already have the tools to heal the self. This is about integration at a deep level, finding your truth with Reiki and how you want your Reiki path to develop. This level is often referred to as Master Level and is for those who wish to become a teacher of Reiki. Time is spent learning how to give Reiju and Empowerments and how to impart the teachings of Reiki to others. There is usually an approximate 12 month time span between Okuden and Shinpiden and there will be an informal discussion to establish you are ready. Shinpiden requires commitment and should not be undertaken lightly.  I currently teach Shinpiden 1:1 or group over 3 days.

Embracing Reiki Day

This is day of Japanese meditative and esoteric techniques for Reiki students and practitioners.  You will be introduced to and experience beautiful practices to enhance healing and a deep connection with all.  Open to all students and practitioners of Reiki who wish to explore their practise and own being at a deeper level.

Private Tuition

For any student/practitioner who wishes to deepen their practice.  This is usually in  90 min lessons but can be longer.


Derby at the Woodlands Natural Health Centre


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