Zero Balancing Training

An exciting opportunity to study Zero Balancing in Derby.
Welcome to all who are inspired to step out on a journey of personal discovery and professional development!
This Core Zero Balancing (ZB) I/II workshop, will be taught by Jo Hale
and will take place over two weekends, 19/20th and 26/27th August 2017.

Core ZB workshops present the theoretical insights and practical skills required to integrate body energy and body structure using conscious touch. These are invaluable to Health Care Practitioners and students of other disciplines, whether energy or structure is emphasized in their healing work.

Zero Balancing students are drawn from a broad range of health care disciplines. Students find that learning ZB significantly enhances the skill and effectiveness of their main modality, as well as being a valuable form of bodywork in its own right.

Non-healthcare practitioners studying Zero Balancing find that as well as learning a hands-on skill that they can practice with family and friends, their lives are enhanced in simply applying the principles that are taught during the course.

The number of participants attending each workshop is limited to ensure high levels of touch feedback. This workshop is part of the Zero Balancing Certification program (see )

Certified Zero Balancing Teachers have been trained by the founder of Zero Balancing, Fritz Frederick Smith MD (USA), and senior Zero Balancing teachers, UK and International.

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For further details and booking, contact:
Jo Hale