Cathy McKenzie

Cathy McKenzie (MSc CBP)

BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist

Cathy has been working in cognitive behavioural psychotherapy (CBP) since 2001, having gained a Masters degree in CBP in 2003 at Derby University. Prior to this, having graduated from Sheffield University, Cathy had worked in different aspects of health care for many years.

Her interest in the field of talking therapies began after choosing to do an evening class on an ‘introduction to counselling’. Later she went on to learn more about the differences between different psychotherapeutic interventions and felt a strong connection to the practice and principles of CBP, or CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) as it is better known. So began her passion for CBT and she says she felt no trepidation, only enthusiasm driving her on, at the age of 39, to study for another 3 years for a Master degree in CBP. In hindsight she realizes that it was quite a challenge to take on as a wife and mother of two young sons and appreciates their enduring tolerance and support.

Cathy believes she has finally found the type of work she always wanted to be involved in.

In addition to CBT, tennis, yoga, dance, travel and more recently, playing the saxophone are a few of her many varied interests.

More details of her training, qualifications and relevant experience in CBT can be found on her website

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