Sukhi Sian

Sukhi Sian
MA, Bsc Hons, PG Dip in Counselling, PG Cert in Counselling Supervision, BACP Accredited


I am a UK Registered counsellor, accredited by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

I have worked in both statutory and voluntary sector counselling services over the last 14 years across the East and West Midlands. I have set up and developed many counselling and therapeutic services in women specific organisations and children’s and young people’s services including primary and secondary schools, colleges and sixth forms.

Psychodynamic Counselling is my main approach to counselling in which I integrate other modalities and techniques to suit my clients. These includes Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Grounding/Mindfulness Techniques. I work with clients holistically; Mind, Body & Soul. I believe that for an overall healthy wellbeing we need to be taking care of all these aspects of the self.

I have a passion to help people heal and to move forward with their lives. Sometimes life gets too much to cope with and we all need some support from time to time, no matter how little or big our obstacles may seem.

I provide a safe and confidential place for you to express yourself and whatever is going on in your life at this moment. Finding words to describe your feelings and circumstances can be hard at times, therefore I also work creatively to help you to find a way through writing, drawings, using objects such as stones, crystals, puppets etc.

I help you to ‘stop’ and ‘reflect’ which increases your self-awareness and enables greater insight and understanding of yourself, your relationships and your circumstances. These realisations can empower you to make healthier and positive changes in your life. Counselling can help to release the blocks that are holding you back from reaching your potential.

I hope to assist you in building a better and more meaningful relationship with yourself, essentially developing your self love, which I believe lays the foundations to true happiness.

Clinical Supervision:
I offer supervision to trainee and qualified counsellors

Holistic Therapies:
I offer Crystal Healing and Chakra balancing.

Support, Self Love and Empowerment:

I offer sessions to help you to build a better meaningful relationship with yourself and to develop your Self Love. These are offered in groups or one to one.

Self Love & Empowerment Workshops are ran around every two months.

There is a regular Self Love Meet Up group, see classes for more information.

Self Love and Empowerment Sessions available on a one to one basis.

Services offered in Punjabi too.

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