AiM Gait Therapy

Anatomy in Motion Gait Therapy is a ground-breaking, effective, one-to-one technique that analyses movement patterns and then re-establishes those that are missing in order to improve function, reduce pain and re-introduce freedom of movement.  Through understanding how each moment of every step we take impacts on each joint and the muscles and other soft tissue in the body, AiM Gait Therapy is able to discover and also rectify the root causes of many physical problems.

For example, it surprises many people to discover that their knee problem is unlikely to be due to a malfunction in their knee – it is usually due to an issue with the foot or the hip. If one, or both of these joints is not moving as it should, the knee is the joint that is likely to get into trouble. Likewise with the lower back – pain and problems here are often down to the foot, the hip or the upper back.  By discovering what the root cause is, the problem is more likely to be resolved long-term.  the aim is to restore optimal movement patterns that have been lost through injury, pain or simply the habits of daily living.

AiM Gait Therapy is suitable for rehabilitation and also injury prevention. It is also superb for physical training and performance enhancement.  It is a fast, effective, reliable and sustainable technique using the latest knowledge of how the body functions biomechanically.

What you can expect from an AiM session:

  • Various assessments including a filmed gait-assessment, and a simple foot scan
  • Explanations as to what is occurring and how that relates to the issue(s) presented
  • Specific exercises that are devised to restore movement patterns that your body is failing to use, including detailed instructions for home practice if necessary/required
  • Reversal of limiting body compensations that are due to injury and/or daily habits
  • Increased mobility, strength and potential, as well as pain relief and injury prevention
  • Positive postural changes and associated benefits such as improvements in freedom and grace of movement, mood, aesthetic appearance, respiration and digestion

If you feel that your pain is preventing you from living fully, or that your body holds you back from the things you want to do in life, if you suffer with back pain, sciatica, hip, knee, ankle or foot problems, shoulder pain or muscle tightness, AiM can help you!



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