Life Alignment

Life Alignment is a profound  system of healing and personal empowerment.   It recognises the multi-faceted nature of all ill-health/dis-ease,  incorporating the whole person and their home environment.  It seeks to address the underlying cause(s) of  a condition providing a way of transforming personal and environmental stress  and trauma, be it physical, mental, emotional, electromagnetic radiation,  environmental pollutants or geopathic stress.

What happens during a session?

After an initial consultation,  you lie (if this is comfortable for you), fully clothed on the treatment  couch.  The body can be compared to a  bio-computer, containing the memories of every trauma, illness, life  circumstance and the beliefs and emotions connected to them. The symptoms and  distress we experience are our body’s way of communicating that something needs  our attention.  Life Alignment provides a  means of accessing the body’s ‘computer’.   Using muscle testing and dowsing, the practitioner works with the innate  intelligence of the body to uncover the underlying cause(s) behind the  presenting issue.  The practitioner’s  role is to facilitate the release of energetic and deep emotional blockages  held in the body’s cellular memory.  Life  Alignment brings balance into a person’s life, whether it is finding peace of  mind, releasing difficult emotions or supporting the body to find health and  healing.  A Life Alignment session is  approx an hour and a half, which allows for very deep healing to take place.  The number of sessions required depend on the individual.

Life Alignment can help a wide  range of issues and conditions from physical complaints to stress and emotional  difficulties.  It also is used  to balance and harmonise the home environment,  providing protection against geopathic stress and electro magnetic  radiation.

“Life Alignment is not just  a healing technique, but a journey of self discovery of our true purpose,   a movement of the soul towards  Oneness of body, heart and mind.”

Practitioner Details

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