In the last 10 years Reiki has gone from being almost unheard of to being one of the most popular therapies.  Reiki originated in Japan in the 19th century by Dr. Mikao Usui, as a method for personal growth and healing.  People have sought Reiki to reduce stress, relieve pain and aid healing. But at its roots, Reiki is about personal and spiritual growth. The beauty of Reiki is it’s simplicity, gentleness and suitability for all.

What Happens During a Reiki Session?

The practitioner gently places their hands on or slightly over the body. There is no manipulation, the hands are simply a vessel for the energy to flow through. The recipient may feel sensations of warmth, coolness, tingling or nothing at all. The recipient will only absorb the amount of energy that is needed and the Reiki will work on wherever their body draws it, enhancing their body’s natural ability to heal itself.  If you’d like to know more, you can watch a short video, about Reiki.

Benefits of Reiki

Although it is impossible to predict an outcome, some of the reported benefits of receiving Reiki include: Easing tension, stress and anxiety, Relaxation, Emotional release, Boosting the immune system, Coping with difficult times, Improving the quality of sleep, Soothing pain and improving joint, mobility, Reducing the effect of trauma and injury, Aiding physical healing and Releasing energetic blockages.

Learning Reiki

More and more people are turning to Reiki to learn for themselves.  In the West there are many types of Reiki.  Usui Teate Reiki, a system that honours the original intentions of this Japanese, healing art form.  It offers simplicity, solid foundations and a complete tool for self-healing and personal development.  Practising Reiki can help you to come to know yourself, feel connected and live in alignment with life.  If you are interested in learning Reiki, details can be found at Reiki training.
Already trained in Reiki?  Why not come along to the Derby Reiki share group or the Derby Reiki Practice Class?

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