Becky Britchford

I have been helping people to discover their physical potential for over 11 years now – releasing stiff joints and muscles, increasing strength, re-establishing the dialog and trust with the body, and changing the belief that exercise has to be boring, painful or repetitive in order to be effective.  It started with a Diploma in Personal Training, Massage and Sports Massage in 2001 with Premier International Personal Training, and added Pilates Matwork from the Pilates Institute soon afterwards. Many courses and workshops, and much reading, have followed in the years since then.  Over the last 5 years my methods have changed as my experience and knowledge of the body and how it functions have grown. My work is now very different from ‘the norms’ found within the majority of the fitness and body-work industries.  I am fascinated by physical movement and love helping bodies to move and function with more ease and joy. Reducing aches and pains and hearing stories of what clients are now able to do, that they couldn’t do before, has always kept motivating me to do and learn more.  My curiosity and desire to learn about human movement and healing brought me to the incredible technique of Anatomy in Motion (AiM) Gait Therapy over 4 years ago.   My passion and enthusiasm for my work is infectious and I have a superb ability to explain the complicated mechanics of the body in terms that my clients can understand. Everything I do involves a strong attention to detail and is mixed with laughter, warmth and genuine enjoyment.

I also teach educational, friendly, inclusive exercise classes that are particularly suited to those who think that, for whatever reason, they are unfit for exercise.  My AiM one-to-one sessions are individually tailored, informative and effective. They are suitable for all levels of fitness and ability.

I am a qualified Pilates Matwork Instructor, Personal Trainer, Masseuse, and Anatomy in Motion Gait Therapist. I am also a Level 3 Advanced Instructor within the Register of Exercise Professionals.


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