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Harry Theaker
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About Me

Zero Balancing has a long and rich history at Woodlands and I stand on some pretty incredible shoulders. It’s quite an honour to be the current ZB practitioner serving the local community in Derby and surrounds. Movement and dance were my first loves, which developed rather unexpectedly into a career in the Performing Arts that has spanned over three decades. Moving and dancing beyond the performative, continue to inspire me to explore and find ways to flourish in an ageing body with new challenges, as I move to learn and learn to move. As a way to nourish and challenge myself I took a deep dive into research, completing a Masters in dance composition in 2010 at the ‘NSCD’ Leeds, a member of the National Conservatoire for Dance and Drama. Along with other contemplative and somatic arts practices including Buddhist meditation with a period of monkhood, massage therapy, awareness through movement ‘ATM’, Zero Balancing has become the perfect integration of my previous vocations, current interests and life’s journey now consolidated in the work I share with others.

My Approach

We are musculoskeletal beings, bio-mechanically speaking ZB has an ability to efficiently address specific body focussed needs, relieve pain, tension, discomfort with an enhanced structural alignment. Yet we are more than a complex of bones, soft tissue, fluids and organs, we are a mystery and have consciousness. Zero Balancing is also an Art, helping to facilitate our journey towards holism and a life lived with greater self awareness, self actualisation, creativity and fulfilment. Unconscious holding patterns, restrictions and tensions in the core of our selves, our bones tangibly affect how we feel, move and function in our lives. The unfolding discovery, interrelationship and dance between our physical and energetic selves, of who we are and how we are in our bodies and the world around us is deeply nourished. ZB is also a lens through which we meet ourselves in ways that can feel both familiar and surprisingly new, accessing what lies beneath identity and conditioning into the multitude layers and states of our being.

Going on a journey with Zero Balancing will allow you to keep returning to your experience with greater depth and a profound sense of calm and stillness. Having said that, a single session can feel great, be impactful and is where the journey starts.