Remedial Massage

Deep tissue massage helps to improve  flexibility and reduce pain. Often when muscles are held in one position for  long periods, as is so often the case whist we’re driving or using computers,  they become compromised. They can begin to form adhesions (that we commonly  call ” knots”) which hold the muscle tight, making movement  uncomfortable.  In these situations deep  massage helps to breakdown the adhesions restoring the body’s normal fluidity.

A muscle which is held in this way also begins to lose its natural lubricants  and is unable to relieve itself of the burden of its waste products, further  exacerbating the situation. Massage is a very good remedy for both of these  conditions

It is not only postural and work related issues which deep tissue work  addresses.  Sometimes these muscular  tensions arise from less obvious causes – stress, emotional demands, and the  pace of modem life all can take their toll. Tight muscles can compress nerves  causing discomfort away from the site of the tension, and leading to headaches,  sciatica etc.

Injuries to the soft tissues of the body also respond well to deep tissue work  where muscles often contract around an injury initially to protect the  area.  Once the threat has gone the  tension often remains, delaying full recovery.

With deep tissue work, clients are sometimes concerned that it will be  painful.  Deep work is not intrinsically  uncomfortable but some clients do report what they call “grateful  pain” – the feeling that the body benefits from deep attention.  When dealing with discomfort a skilled  therapist would only work gradually into the area and always with the guidance  of the client.

Practitioner Details

Mick Bailey