What is Breathwork:

Both therapeutically and as a path of spiritual awakening, Breathwork has been used in ancient traditions for thousands (5000!) of years. This includes Pranayama’s in Yogic practices and a variety of breath-centred meditations in Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism, Christianity, Shamanism, and martial arts.  

Rebirthing Leonard Orr discovered and developed the technique of ‘conscious connected breathing’ in the late 60’s; he said he was inspired by Shri Mahavatar Babaji at his Ashram in the Himalaya. Leonard discovered Breathwork while sitting in a tub and experimenting with various deep breathing patterns. He claims he experienced his own birth while breathing a connected breath in warm water, and from this experience, Rebirthing was born.   As a part of re-birthing, clients are asked to relax there bodies and breath as usual.  Once relaxed, they use circular breathing which allows them to access and release unresolved trauma and other issues from the unconscious mind which leads to transformational healing.  

Breathwork is perfect for the safe identification, acknowledgement and release of past trauma (going all the way back to your birth, or even ancestral patterns) and personal patterns that may unconsciously be playing a part in your day to day life both physically, emotionally or spiritually.  Release at a cellular level allows us to fully step in to our power and take a healthy control over our wellbeing – a true rebirth!

What you can experience through Breathwork: 

  • A safe and confidential space to be heard and supported professionally
  • A deeper relationship to your breath, body and emotional world
  • A greater capacity for handling difficult feelings, without denying or avoiding them
  • Insight in to unconscious thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that have been running your life
  • Letting go of habitual ways of living that no longer serve you
  • Release and integrate trauma on a cellular level
  • Opportunities to clear psychological and emotional barriers to living a full and joyful life
  • The potential to experience greater levels of peace, joy and energy in your life.

Practitioner Details

Rachel Cordon