What is Breathwork / Breath Therapy?  Here is a little history

We’ve used Breathwork both therapeutically and as a path to spiritual awakening for thousands of years, such as through pranayama in yogic practises and a variety of breath-centred meditations in Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism, Christianity, Shamanism, and martial arts.

The practise of using the breath for healing and awakening was mostly forgotten by Westerners during civilisation but experienced a re-emergence in the 1960’s thanks to primarily – Stanislav Grof and Christine Grof, Leonard Orr and Sondra Ray.  These individuals brought us the 2 original branches of modern-day breathwork – Holotropic and Rebirthing, which has formed a baseline for a variety of branches of breathwork that we can experience today.  

Did you know that….

  • a huge percentage of our population sub-ventilate?  Who teaches us to breathe effectively?
  • our breath and bodies are impacted by traumatic experiences, and they remember our journey
  • 90% of our thoughts and experiences are ‘safely’ tucked away in our sub/unconscious?
  • the body is designed to self heal and provides us messages regularly on where we should be applying our focus for well-being
  • We can positively impact  our autonomic nervous system with our breathing

Increasing breath = increasing life (cells, lungs, immune system and more – We could live longer)!

Increasing consciousness = releasing trauma and navigating our journey more elegantly and joyously!

What happens at a session?

The Breathwork that I practise is a body-based therapy that combines talking therapy, intentional breathing and conscious awareness.  It has a foundation in Rebirthing and Tibetan 5 element breathing and was developed by Nathalia Westmacott (the Founder of the First Breath training organisation), who has over 20 years experience in the field of Breathwork.

Our Breathwork practise supports us to go deeply, safely and compassionately in to our personal process, using our conscious breath.  Allowing us to explore, identify, unlock and integrate any life experiences (e.g. from womb onwards) and unconsciously repressed or disowned parts of ourselves, to enable profound healing and transformation.  This work provides a powerful self exploration, from cygnet to graceful swan, to get conscious on and alchemise our past in to a beautiful present – physically, emotionally, spiritually.

A typical session is based on a 3 part experience:

A typical session is based on a 3 part experience:
1) Space to share where you are right now (40-60 mins)
2) Breathe – Breathing process, usually laying on a mattress (~60 mins)
3) Integration – Time to rest & reflect together (30-60 mins)
I provide a written summary of each breathe I facilitate with you.

For continuity in your process, we ideally aim to conduct the breathwork sessions fortnightly as part of an initial 10 session journey, with each session lasting approximately 2.5-3 hours (equivalent of weekly therapy for 1-1.5 hours).  This allows adequate time and space for you to integrate your previous breathe and experience content surfacing for your next upcoming breathe, giving you the opportunity to become conscious on some of the core patterns playing out in your life at the root cause. 

The types of challenges that I’ve found Breathwork can support:

  • Fertility challenges and pregnancy loss – Journeying with grief, finding joy and purpose.
  • Chronic body pain – Processing to a level of experiencing a more loving body connection and no longer require a blue badge.
  • Addictions and dependencies –  Experiencing increased consciousness and making different choices around addictive behaviours.
  • Bullying / School trauma – Working through to confidence in authenticity.
  • Violent & manipulative relationships – Letting go of the past and inviting in new energy in relationships.
  • Panic attacks – Particularly around agoraphobic tendencies (e.g. planes, trains, cars, concerts, shopping centres, lifts etc).  Consciously working the edge to a reality of not being constrained by fears.
  • Anxiety / ‘Generalised anxiety disorder’ – Finding confidence in releasing feelings, experiencing more calmness and clarity in reality.

If you’ve experienced the above types of challenges or similar and would like support then please reach out.  
I am based in Derby and am currently open to accepting new clients.  
I graduated through the First-Breath Practitioner Training Program in September 2023 as a 3rd year student, and currently undergo monthly supervision with my Teacher Nathalia.

For my own wellbeing and in support of my Client work, I myself get breathed regularly – By my Teacher, my peers and by myself.

There are also Apprentice Practitioners and Practitioners around the UK that I would be happy to put you in touch with. 

All sessions are confidential.

 If you are embarking on breathwork for the first time, then an initial 10 session journey is highly recommended. 

Practitioner Details

Rachel Cordon