Psychodynamic Counselling


Psychodynamic counselling includes a range of theories originating from the pioneers of psychoanalysis such as Freud, Jung and Klein in the early 20th century. They examined and created theories around drives, defences, the unconscious, human development and the therapeutic relationship. One of the many developments continuing today is Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) originating from Davanloo and Malan which was created to increase the effectiveness and reduce the length of counselling.

Why would I choose Psychodynamic counselling?

Work with a psychodynamic counsellor provides a time and safe space to explore you and your life. It doesn’t just involve current issues but your beliefs, ideas, thoughts, feelings, fantasies, dreams and past. If you’re thinking
• If X didn’t happen then life would be so much better.
• I wonder why I act the way I do?
• My life doesn’t make sense.
• I feel stuck or restricted.
• I keep making the same mistakes, or behave a certain way in certain situations.
• I can’t cope.
• I don’t know who I am.
then psychodynamic counselling might be for you.

The psychodynamic approach works at a deeper depth than many other models. For this to happen there needs to be trust between the therapist and client which takes time to build. The counsellor will be non-judgmental and will work with the client to make links between events, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Results can be long term and can include greater self-esteem, self-awareness, understanding and empowerment. Along with greater capacity to create and maintain relationships now and in the future.

Practitioner Details

Andrea Barratt