Remedial Massage

With Mick Bailey ITEC AIPTI, at The Derby School of Holistic Massage

The School offers three different types of courses

● Beginners classes – usually either one, two, or three day classes designed to give safe and effective massage skills which can be used to help family and friends.
● Professional Training in Massage – for people who wish to take up a career in Massage.
● Post Graduate classes – designed for people who have a qualification already and wish to update refresh or deepen their skills

Professional Training

This course prepares students to take up a career in massage All Classes are on weekend days (usually one weekend a month for seven months, with each day running from 1 am to 4.30pm) to allow people who wish to retrain to continue with their current employment.
The course teaches appropriate anatomy and physiology, client care, pathology as well as massage skills. Each student is required to keep a journal to gain practice out side of the classroom and also to do some home study.  All tutors are practicing therapists within their own discipline Classes are kept small to allow as much personal attention as possible

Woodlands at the weekend provides a quite and relaxed atmosphere for learning.  Students who have trained with the school have established many different kinds of practices, from clinics, to working in gyms, with cancer patients in hospitals, in retirement homes etc.  Other students have used the course as a stepping stone to careers in physiotherapy, acupuncture, etc.

“The course is not about stamping a particular set of techniques on each student but about helping each student to find their own unique way being able to adapt techniques and skills to suit each client.”

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