Integrative Counselling

There are a number of different interpretations of what integrative counselling/therapy is. At Woodlands, each of the integrative therapists works in a similar way.

Our interpretation of integrative working is that the therapist is trained and experienced in two, or possibly, three key therapeutic approaches. The main combination is client centred theory, which is non-directive and in which the work is very much led by the client, and cognitive behavioural therapy, which is very structured and can include agreed work by the client between sessions.

Whilst these two approaches can be seen to be quite different, the integrative therapist takes aspects from both to form a third distinct approach. In integrative therapy, the therapist will, at any one time, be assessing which of their range of skills is likely to be of most benefit to each unique individual.

Integrative working is very much about fitting the approach to suit the client rather than trying to fit the person into the theory. It is a fluid and flexible approach wherein each session is structured slightly differently depending on where the client is on that day.

If required, the integrative therapist may offer the client the choice on how the work is progressed. Would they prefer a more intensive, structured, behavioural input or a more explorative, experiential interaction? The main focus throughout is what combination of skills and ways of being is best for this unique individual at this stage in their therapeutic journey.

YOU are the expert on you!! You tell us what you want and we will do our very best to match it.

Practitioner Details

Glenda Melville
Nicola Saunders
Chris Allwright