Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is a bodywork system developed by  Dr Fritz Smith of California in the USA. Dr Smith  is a medical practitioner, osteopath and acupuncturist with a lifetime of  experience of both Eastern and Western healthcare systems.

Zero Balancing offers a non-diagnostic approach, which focuses on improvement  of overall function, rather than identification and focus on disease.  Its aim is to improve and optimise the  relationship between the structure of the body, and its energy systems.  By utilising a whole body approach,  addressing our natural energy flow, and respecting the dynamism of our  structure, Zero Balancing helps optimal health to shine through.

The technique involves the application of light  pressures and gently held stretches called fulcrums to specific small joints of  the skeleton. The function of these joints is to transmit deep forces (energy)  clearly through the body. Zero Balancing fulcrums enhance this function,  facilitating a deep level of relaxation and increased sense of ease and  well-being.  By virtue of this  relaxation, a sense of clarity in the mind and freedom of expression in the  emotions may also be achieved.

Zero Balancing can be useful for body pain problems, stress reduction, injury  and structural misalignment, and improvement in flexibility and posture.  It can also enhance a feeling of well-being,  or restore a sense of ‘grounding’ in the body, helping us to feel truly and  happily present within ourselves.

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Jo Hale