Zero Balancing

Zero Balancing is an advanced bodywork which specialises in balancing both the human energy field and its anatomical structure

The Roots of Zero Balancing

Developed in the 1970’s by Dr Fritz Smith MD, an Osteopath, Rolfer and Acupuncturist whose synthesis of knowledge became the bodywork system of Zero Balancing or ‘ZB’ for short. ZB is considered a leading edge in body mind therapies, Dr Fritz effectively reconciling the rigorous demands of Western science with the cosmological radiance of Eastern models of health, the natural world and transformative process.

Zero Balancing and its Benefits

Zero Balancing is a gentle and powerful hands-on bodywork system that affects the whole person by working with the deepest physical structure of the body, bones, joints, musculoskeletal system and the energy that flows through them. Skilled therapeutic touch addresses unconscious tension patterns held in the body that contribute to pain, limitation & suffering and can produce lasting change. ZB is deeply restorative in nature, supporting our innate ability to rest, digest and return to a sense of ease and equilibrium in our body, mind and spirit. Promoting a deep sense of physical and emotional harmony, allowing the innate intelligence and natural healing process of the bodymind to work more efficiently, ZB benefits a wide range of people and has extensive applications in supporting health and personal development. People who receive ZB may also move into new states of awareness from which old patterns and habits in the body-mind are released. This can manifest as noticeable changes in the way we relate to ourselves, others and the world around us.

Zero Balancing can be a useful tool in managing stress and anxiety, left unchecked can lead to a decline in mental/physical health and more complex pathologies. Contemporary life is fast paced and increasingly attracting us into exciting virtual experiences, which if not used wisely can lead to a sense of overwhelm, disconnect and loneliness. ZB in its ability to return you back to yourself in an uncontrived authentic way is a potent antidote to the challenges of our times.

Some of the many benefits of Zero Balancing include:

  • Enhanced feelings of vitality and wellbeing
  • Improved posture, alignment and physical function
  • Relief of the symptoms of stress
  • Reduced physical and emotional pain
  • Strengthened resilience, self acceptance and self actualisation
  • Greater clarity, creativity and cognitive ability
  • Deeper relaxation, sense of calm and stillness

A Zero Balancing Session

Each Zero Balancing session is unique and can last between 30 and 40 minutes. After an opening chat, you will be invited to lay fully clothed facing upwards, on the bodywork table for the remainder of the session. ZB facilitates states of deep rest and rejuvenation as the ZB’er evaluates and balances the flow of energy through your body structure, which is deeply restful and restorative.

As people return to receive ZB, feelings of familiarity and trust allow a deepening of the work to take place, continue and amplify. Therefore a recommended series of three sessions to begin with will enable you to experience and drop into the deeper levels of yourself. Zero balancing gives you the gift of yourself.

Some people have ZB sessions regularly as a support for continued health, wellness and self developmental process, whilst others find ZB most beneficial during key times of crisis, prolonged stress and transitional periods of change.

A recent study on the effects of receiving Zero Balancing confirms a significant 61% reduction in stress levels along with the clear correlation between reduced stress, less tension, and expanded states of consciousness. (Zero Balancing Touch Foundation Neuro Synchrony Institute, 2017)

ZB has been taught in the UK since 1983. Practitioners of Zero Balancing are health-care professionals who have been trained to a recognised level of skill and awarded the title Certified Zero Balancer.

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