Rachel Cordon

Rachel Cordon

Rachel Cordon
Mobile: 07970 711032
Email: RiseandAlignRC@gmail.com
Website: www.RiseAlign.co.uk


Breath & Body Work

I am a breath and body therapist, specialising in the holistic healing modalities of Breath work (body based psychotherapy through conscious connected breathing) and Reiki (energetic body work).
I actually spent the first 18 years of my life’s career with a large corporate company, gaining experience in Coaching & mentoring and People engagement & Behaviours (as part of a variety of roles) and found myself fascinated by the psychology element.

During this time, I’d also reached a peak in a string of personal challenges that had begun during my childhood. I sought and experienced a variety of therapies and counselling and was so deeply touched and freed by the experience that it led me to my life’s passion of supporting people in their healing journey. It took me some time to land on the modality that felt right for me, but in early 2019 I began my breathwork journey and in 2020 embarked on 2 years of intense experiential breathwork training and retreats with an incredible teacher of 20 years at First-Breath. I then also completed 300 hours of training with the Innercamp training organisation (registered & accredited by the Complementary Medical Association and a Member of the International Breathwork Foundation) and qualified with a diploma as a Breath work Teacher, to run transformational 1:1 breathes and group breathes.

I also qualified during 2021 as a Reiki level II Practitioner for People and Animals and have supported my clients on their healing journey in this space ever since.

My goal and pleasure in life is to support people to heal from their past traumas; cultivating consciousness, accepting and releasing their emotions and rewiring their brain to openly embrace more joy in their lives – body, mind and spirit.