Pilates with a Twist

Online Classes Available – see below for timetable. These are kept small and they remain interactive, on Zoom. Please contact me to find out availability and how to join a free taster.

I call my classes ‘Pilates with a Twist and the twist is that it is no longer much like a ‘traditional’ Pilates class.

My work is now very different from ‘the norms’ found within the majority of the fitness and body-work industries. The classes are playful and the aim is to encourage respect for the body, learn more about it, remember how to enjoy moving and increase the movement repertoire of the body whilst, at the same time, accessing the benefits of strength, balance, suppleness and pain reduction.

The classes are kept small – usually no more than 8 people – and no-one is left behind or left out. They are very friendly and inclusive. There can be a large mix of abilities but everyone works to their own level and I can always find a way to make a move more difficult, or easier, when necessary. The majority of the people I work with come to me with issues such as pain and/or stiffness.

The first class is a free taster. Please contact me to book a place.

Class Times

Monday 2.00pm
Monday 5.30pm
Monday 6.45pm
Tuesday 10.15am
Tuesday 4.45pm
Tuesday 6.00pm
Wednesday 4.15pm
Wednesday 5.30pm
Wednesday 6.45pm
Thursday 10am
Thursday 11.30am
Thursday 5.30pm
Thursday 6.45pm

To find out more, please visit: www.movementwiththought.co.uk/

or contact
Becky Britchford

Email movewiththought@gmail.com or 
Phone 07970 022101
Woodlands 01332 299133