Christine Butler

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The seeds  of yoga for me were planted by my father who was just an ordinary Irish factory  worker interested in the techniques of yogis that he had read abut in health  magazines.  I can remember poring over  encyclopaedias with my dad and looking at pictures of a man lying on a bed of  nails and my dad reading to me about yogis being ‘buried’ alive.  I was about 4 at the time.

When I was  a young mum and at home looking after my first son, this amazing programme came  on BBC television.  It was a short series  of programmes entitled ‘Yoga for Health’ presented by Richard Hittleman.  Just watching the two girls performing the  postures so slowly and gracefully and listening Richard Hittleman talking  through the sequence of movements really made me want to have a go.  I bought the book that accompanied the series  and my husband and I used to practice by ourselves in our front room.  After a short time I became pregnant with my  second son and that was the end of yoga for me for several years.  I then attended a 10 week yoga course at  night school, which I really enjoyed, but couldn’t carry on because of my  husband’s shift work and the difficulty of baby sitters.

A few years  later I read an article in our local paper about someone who was suffering from  a chronic illness and how yoga had helped her condition.  As luck would have it I actually passed the  hall where the classes were held on my way home from work and I promptly joined  the class and attended for the next couple of years.  My circumstances changed and once again I had  to give up my class.  A few years later I  was able to pick up where I left off with the same teacher but at a different  venue.  My teacher, who taught Integral Yoga,  really inspired me and I began to practice daily.  The more I practiced the more I became  interested and wanted to further my own knowledge. I enrolled on the British  Wheel of Yoga Teacher Training Course and here I am today holding classes at  the Woodlands Natural Health Centre.